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Urban Planning and Management Context:
1.                Define Concepts and Terminologies,
2.             Explain Engineering plus Urban Planning Overlaps at Professional, Academic and Philosophical Level and also the
3.             Relevance of the Urban Planning & Management to Urban Engineering.
Local planning process since British period and after Independence of Pakistan;
4.             Discuss the Tradition of City Development in Pakistan
Current planning process in Pakistan with special focus on Karachi;
5.             Discuss the Statutory Process of Planning i.e. what are the Institutions? What was the Plan? And what was the Result?
6.             Make Comparison of Planning versus Development by Discussing and Citing the Case Studies of Islamabad and Faisalabad.
Inter-governmental relationships in local planning its complexity and unresolved issues.
7.              System of State at Federal, Provincial and Local Government Level and Statutes for Space Planning,
8.             The Political Process of Democratic (Federal State) versus Military (Unitary State)
9.             Contestation of Development between Central Government & Local Government for instance in Democracy No Local Government exists (even after 04 court orders) and only Federal and Provincial Governments are working and in case of Military the Federal and Local Government are working and No Provincial Government remains functional. Then how the Planning and Development takes place?
Basic Studies of Urban Planning:
10.           What and why the information of certain kind is significant for Planning and Management?
Population/demographic study;
11.              The Technical Requirements for Planning i.e. the Information Qualification or Useful Information of Population, Geography and Land Management
12.           Discuss the Development Preferences, Contested Resources, Limited Choices and Choices are Political or on Local Needs
Land use study;
13.           Discuss the Categories, Typology, and Emerging Trends
14.           Industrial and Post Industrial Trends such as Segregated Zones and Now Mix Use Cities but Undefined as Informal Settlements also exists.
15.           Triggers of Landuse such as Infrastructure of Roads, Railways and Waterways
16.           Planning versus Development Preferences such as Large Scale Real Estate Developments DHA City or Bahria Towns
Study of transport system;
17.            Why there is a Chaos in the City? Why not we have Organised Mass Transit?
Study of Urban landscape and conservation
18.           Discuss Kheerthar National Park as Part of Karachi as now we have 1800sqkm Open Space and 1800sqkm Built-up Space
19.           Discuss Islamabad’s 900sqkm Green Belt and Rural Areas with 450sqkm Built and Open Space
20.         See Book “Emerging Asian Cities” Article “Fault Lines, Earthquakes and Islamabad” by Dr. Noman and “Islamabad Story” by Vinayak Bharne
21.           Discuss Large Landscapes.
Role of government in provision of community facilities/utilities
22.         Discuss Standards i.e. National Planning Standards and its Critique (from Archives)
Special Approach to Planning Process:
23.         Discuss Experiments in Planning such as Export Processing Zone (EPZ), Special Enterprise Zone (SEZ) and Special Industrial Zone (SIZ)
24.         Large Scale Real Estate Projects in Public Sector i.e. Islamabad New City Project, Prime Minister Housing Scheme etc.
Urban Design concepts;
25.         Finite Urban Design Projects and Its Impact i.e. Discuss ICON Tower Project, Shopping Malls in Karachi etc.
Theory of good city form;
26.         See Kevin Lynch’s Book of “Theory of Good City Form”
Quantitative methods of urban planning
27.         Discuss National Planning Standards, Estimation of Trips, Housing Price Index and Population in Relation to Quantification Yardsticks. How Many Trips in One Direction Requires Mass Transit?
Social welfare planning.
28.         Government’s Allocations and Development Procedure.
29.         Choice Justification for Hospitals i.e. Recurring Operation and Maintenance Cost, Needs of Capital Cost, Impact Factor Analysis
30.         Policy of Planning and Development, Social Amenities Manual and its Analysis.
Implementation, Policies, Plans, Programs, Regulation and Renewal:
31.            Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) both Federal and Provincial [biggest allocation i.e. 20% of GDP in one sector] Contestation and Justification. A Planner looks at all sector’s proposed projects and creates a balance between them.
32.          Look at Federal Budget’s Allocations and Renewal of Allocation. For instance in case of large projects such as Dams Projects and Railway’s Projects requires large allocations and does not finish in one tenure so now every planning project need to be finished within the tenure of a Government so Large Scale Planning Projects needs revamping.
Definitions of development objectives, policy and planning program;
33.          Discuss Manifestos of Different Political Parties and their executed projects i.e. Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) which is continued even after Government’s Change.
34.          Discuss Policy Outline, Program and its Design i.e. Nawaz Sharif’s Housing Program of building 500,000 Houses for the Poor. Whereas planners have clearly spelled out that each house would cost Pak Rupees 400,000/-Only [How Poor People would Afford?]
Comprehensive plan and its related documentation process;
35.          Discuss Karachi Master Plan 1974-85
Programming of community development and capital intensive projects of government;
36.          Discuss Education Sector Case Studies i.e. Sindh Education Reform Program and Soft Development (Teachers Hiring) and Hard Development (Making Schools and Upgrading).
Urban zoning issues; Land subdivisions (both at formal and informal level).
37.          Discuss Existing Zoning of Karachi, Jurisdictional and Functional Division, Its Development Dynamics
Urban Planning, Management and Maintenance Institutions in Local context:
38.          Discuss earlier role of KDA and KMC as Planning, Management and Maintenance Institutions then explain the current situation of Planning, Management and Maintenance Institutions in City.
Organization and structure of Institutions;
39.          Discuss about Government of Sindh and Local Government's Departments
Internal administration of institutions;
40.           Discuss the Organogram of Current  Institutions
People's initiatives and institutions.
41.            You are already expert about this topic. Do discuss NRSP, OPPRTI and other such initiatives of people and institutions.